Friday, July 7, 2017

I purchased fabric for these pillowcase dresses quite some time ago, anticipating Sonja and Julia getting old enough to wear dresses (walking not crawling), so they will get them when they come later this month. The larger blue one is for Iris who is 8. It has a “design element” at the top ribbon casing, since I had miscalculated and cut the main fabric too short. It’s probably just as well, because I barely had enough of the blue to make the ruffle for the smaller dress. Imagine my thrill at being able to find ribbon with ladybugs on it!

Added a picture of the girls in
their dresses with Leslie.


  1. Awesome dresses--LOVE them--cute fabric! Definitely need pictures of them with the dresses on!

    1. Pictures for sure. Hope we can get the little ones to cooperate. They seem to have their own agenda! LOL

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  3. So cute, and the ladybug ribbon is wonderful!