Saturday, July 7, 2018

So this morning I saw our cat trotting across the lawn with something small in his mouth. I fear it might have been a hummingbird. Yesterday he had a goldfinch. I did some Googling about how to keep a cat from catching birds and found a Birdsafe collar (for $13.48, including shipping). It’s just made of bright colored fabric, so I figure why not make it myself. Did more Google searching for DIY and found this delightful video (the little girl steals the show!)…

I managed to make a couple  of these cat collars for Buster this morning. Hope it helps the birds spot this little hunter and escape before he pounces! I looked for the fabric I wanted to use, but couldn't find it, so used different fabric. Then Merwin said we should have two so if one is wet or dirty we can change it. Then the fabric I originally wanted showed up, so now we have two. They were certainly easy and quick to make. Buster seems happy enough wearing it, and he looks kind of cute with his new "scarf".

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

This is the gift wrapping of the baby towel. I didn't have any baby boy wrapping paper or a card so I made a decoupage-type card/decoration in lieu of a bow and card. The baby's mommy and family loved the towel and she also waned to save the gift embellishment.

It appears that Iris needs a knitting bag. She picked this fabric from my stash and wanted a bag like the reusable grocery bags I made years ago using this tutorial:

I did a little Google searching and came up with this tutorial:

I found the handles easier to do with the second tutorial. 

I'll probably give it to her when she comes in August.  

Friday, June 22, 2018

Just before Camp Mimi and Papa began, I finished the felt kit Christmas stocking for Sonja.

More fun crafting with Iris at "Camp Mimi and Papa" … painted rocks and driftwood, lavender wands, small knit scarf for stuffed bird, paper umbrellas, machine embroidery bag for  wishing pennies, memory folder … fun for all!

Lavender wands …
Thanks, Kathy, for the lavender!

Knit scarf for Beeks.
My paper umbrellas
Iris' 2 paper umbrellas.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Iris bought a petrified wood zipper pull at a craft store in Ilwaco during our camping trip. It apparently came in a nice little bag that Iris wanted to use to keep "wishing pennies" in. Unfortunately, the bag was misplaced. I'm not sure what happened to it, as I never did see it myself. So we made another one with a machine embroidery design. The basic bag is the Christmas Gift Bag from Designs By Sick. I removed the Christmas design and added a heart that Iris chose and her initials. She picked the fabrics, thread colors and ribbon. Hope all her wishes come true! 

Iris helped pick out the fabric to use on this hooded baby towel, and I made it last night. We got a text from our friends that the baby boy this towel is for was born today. What a wonderful Father's Day for the family! I made a small wash mitt with the remainder of the hand towel used for the hood.