Wednesday, January 10, 2018

These freestanding lace butterflies were made on my embroidery machine. The patterns are from Artistic Thread Works and sold through Etsy via an online download. The price was exceptional for 10 different butterflies, and they stitched out beautifully. I used 8 different designs with a variegated thread on the top (except for the one pictured at the top right) and solid colored thread for the underneath part. I sewed the top one to the bottom on my sewing machine using monofilament thread. I think Emelie will enjoy these for her table scatter.  I'll send them to her for Easter. There is a 9th butterfly (bottom right) that I'm going to see if Iris has any ideas for how to use.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I've gotten most of my hair clip designs from There's quite a variety of motifs available at a reasonable price, and they stitch out very nicely. I chose the Lace Heart Felt Stitches for Julia's February hair clips and used silver metallic thread.

I previously posted the cupcake clips which I will send for her birthday towards the end of February.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I'm trying to do some Craftermath Control. Here are a some pet beds I made with my too-small-to-use scraps of fabric and batting. They will be donated to our local animal shelter which gives them to families adopting pets.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Since all of my Christmas cards and tuck-ins have been received, I will show them here.

The cards were made with pressed flowers and pressed evergreens, The evergreens received a bit of glitter before being glued to the glittery red felt.

The tuck-in tags were made with small squares of fabric folded into triangles and strung onto narrow gold ribbon, then the knots glued to the cardstock. The Merry Christmas greeting was printed onto cardstock, cut out, and then adhered with thick double-backed tape to make them stand out a bit.

I hope the recipients enjoyed them. They were fun to do.

I didn't get these placemats finished before Christmas, but we were finally able to use them tonight. We are still in the 12 Days of Christmas, so I'm

I made these to go with my Christmas dishes, using a large tablecloth to cut into placemat sizes. It's a polyester blend, so is wrinkle and stain resistant.

The corners were machine embroidered with a poinsettia pattern using gold metallic thread. I used the same thread in the bobbin with water soluble stabilizer, so the placemats are essentially reversible. The napkins are made with the same fabric with a narrow hem.


The prototype placemat (1st one I made) I wasn't pleased with, as I had changed colors of thread to use. I ended up painstakingly frogging the wrong color thread and re-stitching it. Therefore, I ended up with 7 placemats and 8 napkins. 

Then I completed the octagon table topper with fabric from my stash. Merwin prefers the side with the blue in it, and I prefer the other side. I made the candle holder many years ago by decoupaging a napkin inside a small vase.

And finally, 8 napkin rings.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Here are some hair clips for Julia. The fox clip holder and clips are Christmas gifts. I'll send her the snowflakes in January and the cupcakes for her birthday in February. I plan to send her different ones every month in 2018.

All the designs are from GG Designs.

One more caftan. I have the pattern on pattern paper now rather than newsprint. I just need to write up some instructions about the neckline. I put a pocket on one side in this one for the first time.