Friday, October 12, 2018

I didn't have quite enough yarn left for binding off the entire edge of this scarf using the picot bind off, so I grafted some yarn from the beginning tail, then had to do a regular bind off on the last few stitches. I had less than 2" of yarn left! I didn't get quite the effect I expected with this bind off, but it's fine.

These are flip-flop magnets for the laundry at Chelan. We use them to identify who is using the washer or dryer. The old ones have seen better days.

This prayer shawl was given to a friend who lost her mother at the time I was just finishing up knitting it.

I love making these baby towels. This one is for a young woman (the daughter of a friend of mine) who, obviously, is expecting a baby girl.

Here's a fall table skirt I made with fabric that seemed to jump into my cart recently. Of course I needed coordinating coasters. 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

I returned two of the fleece blanket kits I had purchased from JoAnns and got flannel fabric for the daycare nap blankets Emelie wanted for Julia. She said that if I pick gender-neutral fabric, Julia's baby brother will be able to use them, too. It's hard to pick which flannel to use. There are oh so many darling prints. They were on sale at 40% off. The day after my purchase, they went on sale for 60% off.

When the family was here in early August, I got orders for three Bindle Bags. Leslie wanted one with a cross-body strap. The pattern didn't call for that long a handle, but that wasn't a difficult addition. I don't know if it's the best handle for this bag, because it won't be easy to get in and out of it when it's over the shoulder, but she wants it for a lunch bag, so the ease of carrying was more important to her. I had some of this floral fabric left from one I made for myself, and she loved it, but I didn't have enough for another bag. I ran across the fabric at Wal-Mart, so I was able to make it for her. She will be surprised to see the fabric on her bag.

Emelie asked for two bags in the medium size, also for lunch bags. She picked the fabric for hers. 

This makes 9 of these Bindle Bags that I have made. I guess I got my money's worth from the purchase of this pattern by Sisters of a Common Thread.