Monday, November 13, 2017

This is a birthday card for my friend, Shirley, whose birthday is in December. The cross stitch chart is from Stoney Creek.

Iris recently passed a difficult level in her swim classes. I made her this hair bun tie (she wears them all the time) to congratulate her. I used a machine embroidery design on the ends, and decorative fishy stitch on my sewing machine.


Knitting hats can be addictive! I knit three "Top This" hats from DMC, a ladybug for Iris, an owl for Sonja, and a lion for Julia. Then I knit a bear for a friend (she wasn't inclined to deal with the cast on or knitting in the round). Somewhere in the mix, I knit a hat for Julia's Halloween costume with fringe all over to make it a lion hat.  I'm thinking I'll make more to donate to a local charity in honor of some of my friends that I might otherwise buy or make gifts for. I'm just thinking that more "stuff", even if it's hand made, is not what most of my friends want or need at this time of life. We're all thinking in terms of downsizing.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

If you like hand work, these felt kits are fun to do. The tradition of 
Christmas felt kit decor started with my mother who made me a beautiful tree skirt. I made one for her, too. Then came the felt kit stockings for our family, and we've added new ones for new family members as they came along. This one is for Julia. I still have one to make for Sonja, but I made Julia's first because Emelie uses them in her home. Leslie uses other stockings and keeps the felt ones here, so Sonja doesn't need hers yet.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

One last reversible table topper with napkins. I actually made the napkins and pieced the table topper last year but reached a roadblock trying to figure out how to make a fat quarter cover the back. It just wasn't big enough, so finally this year I decided to use a different fabric and machine embroidery appliqued leaves on it. I then used a decorative stitch for the quilting. Now we will get to enjoy it for the rest of the season. The only purchase I needed to make to finish this was another spool of thread . Another UFO done! 

This should have had more of a woven look in the pattern,

but two of the fabrics were too similar to have the desired effect.



Thursday, November 2, 2017

I had quite a bit of the poinsettia fabric, so I made a reversible table topper to go with both sides of the placemats. Merwin had a 45ยบ plexiglass triangle made for me to cut the angles for the octagon.



I also found fabric I liked for napkins, but the quilt shop only had a couple of fat quarters, so I did my web searching and found it online. I made 8 napkins.





Here is another wicker chest topper I made with more of the poinsettia fabric (and the centerpiece I will use on the table), backed with another fabric that I purchased at about the same time to make it reversible.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

These placemats are from the Take Four Placemats Pattern by Cary Flanagan. My friend Kathy and I went to an Open Sew at a local quilt store and made placemats. We worked with the same pattern but had different fabrics. These placemats use 4 coordinating fat quarters. They are cut into strips, shuffled, and sewn into four different pieces, then they are sub-cut the other direction, shuffled again, and sewn together. You get four placemats with the same pattern and the same fabrics, but the fabrics are in different places in each placemat. I used some fat quarters that I won in a door prize. Kathy had fabrics that she picked out to go with some beautiful dishes she has but doesn't use because she has no placemats to coordinate with them. 

I used some other fabric from my stash to back the placemats and made them reversible.  I outline quilted with silver metallic thread outlining the arches and added a serpentine stitch in the blank white stripes.

Now I would love to find fabric to make coordinating napkins.

This cute octopus motif is one I got from Durene Jones. I have used many of her charts to make greeting cards. This card is for Sonja's second birthday.

Here's the first I-Spy quilt. This one is for Sonja's second birthday in early November. It was inspired by the Daisy Chain quilt tutorial:

and a collection of various fabrics. I have a hard time with scrappy quilts, and I think the sashings and borders help with the look. I have enough blocks to make three more quilts. One of them will be for Julia's second birthday in February.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

I found this cute Halloween fabric at Homespun Quilts and Yarn in Astoria, OR. It’s unusual to find Halloween fabric in blue, and I thought it would be great for my living room color scheme. I bought enough to make this square table scarf, which was a quick and easy project that I will enjoy using during October.

I guess I should find a cute little pumpkin to set on the table

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Here is the gift I wrapped for Emelie's birthday (containing the reindeer pillow shams). Merwin made a shipping box that just fit the gift box, not leaving room to put anything protective over a bow so it wouldn't get smashed. So I printed several copies of these birthday balloons and cut pieces out to layer with double backed tape decoupage-style. You can't really see the layering in the picture, but I was pleased with the result.

And here's the little hedgehog card made from a Durene Jones set "Mr Hedgehog". 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I made these queen size pillow shams with a fabric panel plus borders. They are a birthday present for Emelie (early October). They will look nice with the quilt I made her and be a quick and easy way to add a festive touch to her bedroom for the holidays as well as being easy to store when not in use. I used a zipper closure on the backs and free-motion quilted around the reindeer, birds and ornaments with silver metallic thread. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Here's a picture of a little "fairy house" (with owls in front of it) that Merwin and Iris made together when she was here in August. She wanted to leave one side open so she could decorate inside. Then she selected a piece of  fabric from my stash for a rug. The shingles on the roof are made with a pinecone.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Catching up on a craft I haven’t yet posted about. It’s one more Seahawks cowl which I finished at the end of July. This one uses a stitch called “rank and file”. I will probably give this one to my sister-in-law, Phyllis. I did an I-Cord bind off and continued around the cowl with I-Cord edging.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I gave Leslie a black and white fabric "jelly roll" (only 21 pieces though) for Easter 2016. She had posted a picture of a quilt on Facebook of a cute quilt and I thought she would use the jelly roll to make it. She brought the fabric with her to work on while she was here and had others to help chase Sonja, the tornado, around (thanks Papa and Iris). The quilt is for Sonja. We added a few strips of one more fabric with a little color in it that was from my stash (glad to find something to use it for). She found a different quilt idea that she liked a little better, but they both start out with a jelly-roll-race then added appliques (also fabrics from my stash). The borders and backing required a trip to JoAnns. Thankfully, we found fabrics right away, as we forgot about early closing on Sundays and arrived about 15 minutes before closing. Before Leslie left for home, we had the base quilt, including borders finished up. She had cut and placed all the appliques and cut some flower shapes from the batting to put underneath the applique flowers. She left it here for me to finish. I’m not sure when I will send it to her (or take next time we go visit), but I know she will be surprised that I finished it so quickly. The quilting is a combination of free motion (around the flowers and in the border) and decorative machine stitching down the “ditches”. For the border quilting, I found a continuous line leaf on the internet, printed it out, traced it onto some scraps of water-soluble stabilizer with a frixion pen (in case any ink transferred to the fabric, it could be erased with a touch of the iron), used temporary spray baste and pins to hold them to the borders, free motion quilted following the leaf design, applied the binding, then ran the quilt through a cold water rinse and spin cycle to totally dissolve the stabilizer. Then hung it to dry. The finished size is 37”x 53”.

Thursday, August 10, 2017



When Iris saw this fabric, she decided that we should make a crayon pouch together for her to take her crayons to school in. Matching the pattern to form a very long crayon was just a fun coincidence.

Iris also had a couple of friends who wanted owls like the one I had made her. DD decided she would like to have one too. So we made these ...


Then we decided they would be a fun project for Iris and her friends to work on together. So DD and I prepared everything so that the girls could hand stitch the bottoms and stuff them up. We made a couple extra for a new born baby and Iris' sister, too.

Crafting is not top priority with DDs and families visiting, but Iris had big ideas of crafting with Mimi. She arrived wearing her "Big Sister" shirt which was a couple sizes too small, yet she wouldn't let her mother pass it on. So on our agenda was to embroider new shirts for her and her "Little Sister". Iris helped select fabrics and thread colors as well as helping with the embroidery machine. She decided that we should each eat one M&M for each step in the process. What a great idea!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

I started this quilt in 2012. Obviously, it has languished for quite some time. I didn't have a pattern. I just figured it out from a picture I saw somewhere and is comprised of a center square of focus fabric alternating with flying geese blocks. My name for it is "Many Happy Returns", and it will be used at the lake on the hide-a-bed. It is 66"x84" which is more a twin size, but I didn't want a lot of overhang for the hide-a-bed. The focus fabric is Terrain by Kate Spain for Moda. I used practically every scrap of fabric on front, back, and coordinating pillowcases. I did some fairly simple straight outline stitching as well as using one of my machine's decorative stitches. I  used Quilters Dream Cotton *Request batting for this light-weight summer quilt.

I like to knit dishcloths between larger knitting projects. They are great to take on longer car rides and to work on at seminars. I have some friends who like plain white ones so they can put them in a hot, bleach load of laundry. I prefer the colors, but the color washes out pretty fast.

This is an anniversary card for Leslie and Anders who will celebrate 11 years of marriage in August. The chart is Spring Flower Cart from The fabric I mounted this on is one of the fabrics used on the tables at the wedding.

Friday, July 7, 2017

I purchased fabric for these pillowcase dresses quite some time ago, anticipating Sonja and Julia getting old enough to wear dresses (walking not crawling), so they will get them when they come later this month. The larger blue one is for Iris who is 8. It has a “design element” at the top ribbon casing, since I had miscalculated and cut the main fabric too short. It’s probably just as well, because I barely had enough of the blue to make the ruffle for the smaller dress. Imagine my thrill at being able to find ribbon with ladybugs on it!


Sunday, July 2, 2017


Emelie and Matthias celebrate their third wedding anniversary this month. This is the anniversary card I just finished for them. The hydrangea is from Amanda Gregory. She offered it in two colorways (pink and mauve), but of course, I wanted green, because Emelie had a green hydrangea wedding bouquet. I think my change in colors was successful.


I just got Gloria’s quilt wrapped up this morning. I found this tutorial on line for the paper flower:





and I used my Clover pom pom maker for the flower center.



And here’s the cross stitch card, a design by Lois Winston.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This quilt is a gift for a friend's mother who is turning 90 years old on July 5th. She doesn't seem to want any special celebration, but I just wanted to make her a quilt. I purchased the print fabrics from the flat fold table at Pacific Fabrics. I wasn't sure what I would be doing with them at the time, but I was glad I had them when the opportunity presented itself. I also had the background fabric in my stash. I don't remember where or why I purchased it. I did have to go back to the flat fold table for the backing and binding.

The pattern is Falling Charms from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. The blocks finish at 7", arranged 7x9, so the quilt size is approximately 42x63. I quilted it with a simple wavy-line machine stitch.