Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Finally, the Growth Chart for Julia is finished and ready for the mail. None too early, as her first birthday is on the 21st.

Monday, February 13, 2017

I made this scarf as a birthday present/hostess gift for Susan (my sister-in-law). She is a Seahawks fan and said it would be great to wear to Seahawks' parties.

  • Yarn: Huckleberry Knits/Bellingham Wa (American Dream Sock)

  • Colorway: Legion of Boom

  • Pattern: Herringbone stitch

  • Needle Size 9

  • Cast on 42 stitches

I worked the whole skein leaving enough for the borders.

For the end borders, I stitched one pattern of "Flowers in a Row"




and then cast off purl-wise.

The Herringbone pattern seems to curl on the sides, but since it is not reversible and curls towards the wrong side, I decided not to try to flatten it by blocking.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

These are my cross stitch Valentine greeting cards, plus a wedding card ...

for Leslie & family

for Shirley

for Iris

for Emelie & family

Wedding card for Mary and Matt

Sunday, February 5, 2017

I've had this pom-pom yarn for a while knowing that it would someday make a nice gift for granddaughters. So when my internet surfing adventures took me to this picture/pattern/tutorial, I had all the ingredients I needed.


My yarn balls were 85 g. rather than the 50 g. balls called for, so I ended up using one ball per scarf. These are so cute and also soft (like Minky)! I am going to give the first one to Iris for Valentine's Day.

I ordered more pom-pom yarn and I hope it's as cozy feeling as these are.

     Yarn: Loops & Threads Bunny Tail 3 oz. skein

     Color: 7, Princess

     Knitting needles: Size 8